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Magnets on the refrigerator help to brighten up your kitchen.

Many of these magnets are available with sayings on them that you can give as gifts. The funny sayings make people laugh, but you can also get a magnet that has a Bible quote or just a simple picture.

Quite often businesses give away refrigerator magnets to promote their business.

These can take the form of:

  • Calendars where you can tear off each month
  • Name, address and telephone number of the business
  • Emergency numbers with the business name on top


Using Refrigerator Magnets

Parents of young children really love small designs with magnetic strips that stick to the refrigerator door. They can use the magnets to hold schoolwork and drawings that they want to proudly display. These magnets can be made from wood, paper maiche or other materials and with the vivid colors, they add a decorative touch to the plain door.

These magnets used on refrigerators are small so you can fit a lot of them there. You can get a grocery list form with a magnetic strip on the back as well. This comes in very handy when you realize that you are out of certain foods and you can immediately write it on your list.


Other Uses of Magnets

Advertising for your business is very easy to do with car magnets. These custom magnets adhere to the door of your car or truck. With the name of your business, the address and telephone number, having a magnet custom made for your car is a much cheaper way of advertising your business than taking out ads in the newspaper and on the television. These magnets are not heavy and the door of the car will easily support them. An added advantage is that when you want to trade in your vehicle, you simply take off the magnet and put in on the door of the new car.



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